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Be Heard. The Sim Heard Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

We all have a light in us to share and sun in our life to be thankful for. However we allow the temporary darkness in our lives to limit our ability to see the hope and positivity our life possesses. We have to go through darkness, fight our fatigue, and reject the dark… In order to get the right perspective on our lives!

Welcome to Be Heard. The Sim Heard Podcast. The Be Heard. Podcast is hosted by Sim Heard. This show is for anyone searching for the inspiration to improve and live in an impactful way! Sim will provide you with faith based inspirational principles, stories, and teachings that will propel you to a purpose led life. Sim’s passion and wise words will fuel you with the energy to start your week, and the motivation to finish it! Also, Sim will interview special guests who positively impact, influence, and inspire the world around them. These interviews will give you an in-depth knowledge of the principles and disciplines effective leaders apply and live by. Be sure to tune in every Monday and Friday for brand new episodes! And Remember…

Be Hungry. Be Humble. Be Heard.